I enjoy finding visual solutions for York College of PA Library & Technology Services (LTS), usually in service to our knowledge base (KB) and support resources. I also oversee contributing student employees. Below are some of my more utilized or unique examples.

YCP LTS logo

For our broad graphic identity (multiple sizes across various apps, media, shirts, equipment, etc.), I designed a wordless logo to complement our wordmark.

LTS logo

Quickly identifiable as both Library & Technology, I made a WiFi symbol and some books, in our college colors.

York College of PA knowledge base

I've sought to organize our multitude of articles and resources into as simple, coherent, responsive, and easily searched an interface as possible.

I work within our official color palette, and occasionally add various colored banners to the top of our home page, during emergencies or events.

Learn more about my knowledge base work.

Knowledge base, desktop

Knowledge base, mobile

QR codes

As most phone cameras now read QR codes, I utilize them in our media outreach across campus. They're found on door and desk signs, to check whether rooms are reserved, and to reduce our reliance on paper fliers (when we do use handouts, we add them to direct to our KB). I then track their usage analytics to further optimize them.

It was successful enough that the demand occasionally became urgent. So, I created a simple directive, using an online QR code builder and a variation on our logo, making it easy for any of our employees to whip one up, identical to the rest.

It also creates an identifiable, consistent seal, so that YCP members recognize our trustworthy codes.


This is my most recent. It's part of a digital "packet" given to incoming students and employees.

Understandably, a number of other participating departments submit fliers full of info. We have the advantage of already sharing our content online, so I wanted our piece to simply serve as an eye-catching, interactive path to our KB.

LTS Welcome Flier

Portal icons

Our college portal admin requested a graphic for each app used by YCP members.

I hunted for high resolution versions of the official logos (when the companies permitted, but only provided too low quality an image), cut them out, converted them, standardized the sizes/resolutions (for load times and responsiveness), and created an Adobe Illustrator template to keep them all consistent. As screen resolutions rise in the future, I can quickly re-export them to match.

Portal icons
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