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Here is the knowledge base / support site that I manage for York College of Pennsylvania (YCP):

Let me know your thoughts, if you care to share.

Over the past seven years, I've been happily working for YCP, with what began as the IT department, later combining with the library to form Library & Technology Services (LTS).

I started by creating and managing video content, and contributing to graphics, our knowledge base (KB), and more. Over that time, managing all three of these areas has fallen under my purview. I oversee a small team of student employees who help add to each.

To write my instructions, I learn the processes I teach. I use this as a review, then collaborate with my respective colleagues to further streamline those processes. Across various applications, this has included solutions such as shortened URLs, optimized logos/icons, content reorganization/rewrites, link tracking, and quite a bit more.

As our KB has grown and improved, our call and ticket volume has decreased.


I build our KB on Google Sites, in conjunction with other apps and some tweaked HTML; it meets our specific needs well. I mention this to illustrate my versatility, though I also work with knowledge base apps, CMS, LMS, and website builders. It'd be my pleasure to create or maintain yours with Zendesk, Freshdesk, or any other such service.


Our site includes

  • Both public and community restricted articles

  • A robust search (Google's forte)

  • Full responsiveness

  • Multiple embedded applications

    • Customized search bars, videos, forms,, etc.

  • Fast full-site backups

  • Tiered collapsible content

  • Leapfrogging with anchor links

  • Shared editing with anyone else we choose

    • Making it easy for colleagues and student workers to make simple updates

  • Visitor analytics

  • Alternate text for images

  • And more...

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