I manage a YouTube channel that I created for Library & Technology Services (LTS) at York College of Pennsylvania. By design, most of these are a bit cheeky, as they're primarily targeted to college students. I endeavor to keep my content engaging yet concise. I've provided two examples of three different types. You can see more at or embedded within the knowledge base I manage at

The channel content is written, edited, and produced by me; some with assistance from a team of student employees I oversee.

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Standard tutorials

Below are the most common videos I make. I host them on YouTube, embed them in our relevant KB articles, and add them to announcements that I send campus-wide. That's my voice you're hearing, so it'll come with me wherever I go.

Tech tips

This is a project intended to put some faces to our department. As IT isn't always the most approachable place in people's minds, these personable interactions have helped to humanize us. I interviewed multiple members of LTS to briefly explain a resource that they have to offer. I also had a bit of fun with my opening & closing titles.

Specialized outreach

Sometimes we need something a little more unique, and I find a creative way to relay the info.

New Phone is a hybrid of video and photo (with a touch of stop motion) explaining our Cisco phone models. It's gained a viewership outside of YCP, from our YouTube channel, and has gotten about a dozen requests to be used at other businesses and institutions. The University of Chicago and Laitram hired me to make customized iterations.

Copyright Infringement addresses a common issue on campuses. I've seen other institutions try to morally shame their students. I wanted to keep mine more light and factual by explaining the college's legal predicament and students' responsibilities.

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